Kaufman Chambray Union Indigo Neppy

Kaufman Chambray Union Indigo Neppy

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Indigo Denim Chambray from Robert Kaufman to use for background fabric in your quilts, or backing, or gosh... make yourself some me-made clothing!  I love using chambray and denims for their visual and tactile interest and it gives quilts a really nice weight and drape!  This is a lightweight denim but has a very similar feel to quilting cotton.

This gorgeous Chambray comes with little colorful "neps".  Just a little special detail that comes to life when you snuggle close up.  I paired this chambray with black and white fabric for a baby quilt and loved it so much I added it to the background fabric collection! 

3.9 oz. per square yard cotton chambray fabric is soft, textured, lightweight and breathable.

Sold by the 1/2 yard.

When purchasing yardage:

(1) = 1/2 yard

(2) = 1 yard

(3) = 1 1/2 yard

You get the idea!  Enjoy!

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Part Number: CCCX-14115-62